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We develop and invest in the highest quality projects for the communities we serve.

At Alliance Residential, ESG principles factor into every aspect of our mission. These fundamentals are present in the commitments we make to our residents, communities, investors, partners, associates, and of course – our planet.


Smart & Sustainable Communities

Alliance strives to reduce environmentally harmful products and building practices. We mitigate the environmental and financial impacts of waste, energy and water, without compromising the resident experience.

Developing smart & sustainable communities benefit both residents and businesses around our properties.



We understand the importance of lowering our consumption of energy and natural resources.

  • energy-efficient lighting & appliances
  • HVAC
  • renewable energy


Water conservation is a key pillar of our sustainability program.

  • high-efficiency plumbing
  • lo-flow fixtures​
  • smarter landscaping practices with a focus on leak detection & prevention​


We are committed to reducing waste in our communities.

  • recycling programs
  • composting
  • community education & engagement
  • better business practices​


Alliance communities all across the country are helping improve the health and well-being of our residents through wellness-inspired amenities.

  • walkable communities
  • bike-share programs
  • EV charging stations

Sustainability & Smart Home Technology

At Alliance Residential, we recognize the importance of being a good neighbor.

We also understand that innovation and technology are moving faster than ever before, so our communities must keep pace. Alliance Residential utilizes the latest in smart home technologies available in all of our properties.



Affordability and Access

Alliance’s mission is to provide better access to high-quality affordable housing to address the affordability housing crisis in the US. Alliance’s workforce housing communities, its Prose brand, targets middle-income renters by providing rents 20% lower than comparable other new products on the market. Alliance Prose communities are placed in underserved areas close to blue and grey collar employment that lack quality new housing, thus providing quality housing to more markets. All of Alliance’s communities provide access to good schools, local businesses, and convenience to notable roads and transit stations. The communities have high walkability scores, support many small businesses and reduce or eliminate commutes. Alliance’s communities provide much-needed solutions to the housing needs of singles, families, and seniors of all incomes.


Workforce Housing

Alliance is an industry leader in the area of attainable workforce housing.

The Prose communities represent a significant majority of the total communities in Alliance’s portfolio nationwide. The Prose communities are the answer to the lack of affordable housing options that have significantly decreased in recent years.

The keys to affordable workforce housing are:

  • Design – simple, efficient, fast
  • Location – close proximity to employment hubs, retail and entertainment, good schools, and public transportation
  • Access – more quality housing options for lower and middle income renters

Senior Living Communities

Alliance recognizes the need for attainable high quality senior living communities for the aging population, but also their families who want to know their loved one is living comfortably. Alliance’s senior housing line, Holden, seeks to provide all the best amenities in desirable locations for a premium resident experience at any age. Holden communities are also sustainably built.


Single-Family for Rent

Alliance’s Silveray communities are built to address the significant lack of single family homes available for those looking to live and raise children in communities with excellent amenities and larger footprints.

Great People Developing Extraordinary Homes

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging.

Alliance associates thrive under conditions that allow them to express their innate entrepreneurial prowess. We invest in our associates, who then invest in their communities where they live and work. Alliance Residential proudly gives back to many charitable organizations and philanthropic efforts through both our time and financial support in order to positively impact and serve those in need.

  • Alive Wellness Program
  • Charitable Efforts / Philanthropy
  • Competitive Compensation + Benefits

Alliance Residential is signatory to the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion, committed to advancing diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

We partner with Project Destined to support and encourage broader access to the real estate field to traditionally underrepresented minorities and women.

Our robust wellness program, aLive, is based on 5 pillars: Live Well, Live Focused, Live Responsibly, Live to Give, and Live Together.


Responsible and ethical business practices are the cornerstone to our success. Ethical business practices are fundamental to building and maintaining lasting relationships with our key stakeholders, associates, residents, and partners.


With the goals of consistency across the Alliance portfolio and reductions of supply chain complexity, waste and costs, we developed a new purchasing platform. Our new platform, DOLOVO, greatly simplifies our purchasing process and promotes sustainable and eco-friendly products where available.

DOLOVO focuses on supply chain improvements through reductions in touch points, lowering SKU counts, saving energy and reducing our overall carbon footprint. DOLOVO offers consulting services for the procurement, purchase and distribution of construction materials and supplies.

  • Energy efficient products
  • Eco conscious and sustainable goods and materials
  • Green Building Council LEED Certified products where appropriate
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