Alliance Residential Company Plans to Roll Out 25,000 Smart Apartments Nationwide

Alliance Residential Company didn’t become one of the nation’s largest apartment developers and managers by chance. Their performance-driven perspective, superior market knowledge, and customer understanding has propelled them to a perennial spot on NMHC’s top manager and developer lists. Their innovative spirit is central to their success and helps them see the undeniable impact smart technology will have on multifamily housing.

“We found that when properly implemented, smart home automation can reduce operating costs and add ancillary revenue in a way the industry has never seen.” said Taylor Wiederkehr, Alliance’s Software Implementation Analyst who leads the company’s Innovations team and has played an integral role in the smart technology rollout.

Alliance observed that smart technology had the unique ability to benefit the three fundamental stakeholders in multifamily: ownership groups, property managers, and renters. This overarching impact ultimately led Alliance’s Innovations team to seriously evaluate how Alliance could harness these benefits for themselves and their customers. Alliance started researching solutions in 2015 but saw a boom in the number of providers, each with a slightly different take on how to deliver value. The noise created a problem. Alliance wanted to standardize on a single platform, but it was becoming increasingly difficult to decide who to partner with.


Selecting the correct partner became a primary focus for Alliance’s Senior Vice President of Technology, Scott Pechersky, and the Innovations team. After meeting with a half-dozen companies and running several test pilots, Alliance identified a handful of key differentiators that included customer service, product reliability, implementation strategy, and the company’s long term roadmap.

“We tested multiple platforms and vendors, and Dwelo’s support and ability to scale were important factors in our decision to partner with them — they recognize that smart device rollouts are not purely about technology but require a human solution for implementation plus ongoing support to ensure success.

— Scott Pechersky, Alliance Senior Vice President of Technology


Alliance actually managed Dwelo’s first full community implementation, which delivered in June of 2015. Since then, the number of Alliance managed communities using Dwelo has grown to 13. Feedback from Business Managers and senior leadership ultimately made the decision an easy one.

“I think that Dwelo has shown on multiple occasions that they are more entrepreneurial and willing to adapt to our needs than any other smart home provider.” said Carol Nelson, Alliance Senior Vice President of Operations for the Mountain region.

The Alliance Smart Home technology package, powered by Dwelo, is planned to roll out across more than 25,000 apartments nationwide.

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