Utah Company Partners to Make Smart Apartments

Alliance Residential Company, in collaboration with Utah-based Dwelo, Google and Nest, announced the launch of its Alliance SmartHome technology package across more than 25,000 luxury apartments nationwide.

The Alliance SmartHome package features the Nest Learning Thermostat and Google Home Mini with Google Assistant built-in, as well as smart locks, light switches and wall outlets. Control of all devices is centralized through Dwelo, an open platform compatible with a wide range of consumer and commercial internet of things devices.

“Dwelo is thrilled to be partnering with a group as respected and innovative as Alliance,” says Mike Rovito, Dwelo CEO. “We are honored by the trust that Alliance is placing in us by selecting us for this rollout. Moreover, our customers have always been our greatest source of new ideas, and at Alliance we are partnering with a group of forward-thinking people who share our vision for multifamily technology.”

According to a Dwelo spokesperson, at least one Orem apartment complex already is offering this SmartHome technology, with more to follow.

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