Recovery Underway in Houston for Alliance Residential

Alliance Residential Company felt the impact of Hurricane Harvey across the 28 communities it manages in the Houston area. One community (seen in the background of this month’s cover) was located in an area with severe flooding that was placed under mandatory evacuation during the storm. The team was unable to re-access the community for 15 days after that evacuation; though now back online, there is a long road ahead for full remediation and recovery. Throughout, Alliance has focused on three things: ensuring the safety of associates in the area, guiding residents through the crisis as effectively as possible and assessing the impact of the storm on each property it manages. This has been a two-fold effort, spearheaded by the regional operations team in market and supported by the Phoenix-based corporate headquarters.

“Hurricane Harvey affected the lives of almost everyone in and around the Houston metropolitan area, and this particular community was not spared,” said Stephanie Nascimento, Senior Vice President of Operations. “Thankfully, our associates and residents made it through without injury, but personal possessions were lost and lives were disrupted (and still are). We’ve focused on keeping open lines of communication with our residents—we have been sending emails and posting updates to Facebook as regularly as possible. For those residents whose homes were damaged to the point of being unlivable, our approach has been focused on helping them into their next home, whether at another Alliance-managed community or not. At the end of the day, we just want to know they have a new home. Looking forward, we are also committed to restoring our impacted communities to the clean, vibrant and healthy living environments they once were.”

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