Alliance Q&A with Kira Brown

How long have you been singing and what got you started?
This is the first band I’ve ever been in and these are the first songs I’ve ever written.  I started singing about five years ago, just as a hobby, to build confidence. Recently, I began dabbling in songwriting as a creative outlet and discovered I love singing my own songs. That’s really why the band exists.

What’s your favorite thing about performing live?
I’m no Kelly Clarkson, but that’s not the point for me and Honeygirl. The point is to put on a great show, have fun and get the audience singing along, as well as allow me to share some personal stories that might help or inspire others. The last time we performed, people actually got up and danced to our music. It was just a few couples but I was so proud, I got all teary-eyed while trying to sing! Watching how people react to our music and songs is so rewarding.

What’s your inspiration for writing music?
Life. My life. That’s all I can really write about at this point. Happily, there’s been a lot of good material to write about in the last four years. Overall, I hope my songs empower women — that’s my goal. Music has been healing to me and I hope it can be that way for others. I’ve gotten such great feedback from women, especially on how I am setting a great example for others to chase their dream, no matter their circumstance or age. For me, that makes it worthwhile to do something others consider scary, like sing in front of people. Amusingly, marketing myself is really what I find intimidating!

Besides working for Alliance and being so involved with Honeygirl, what do you do in your free time?
I coach my son’s soccer team — we just won the championship and had an undefeated season. I also take random classes, anything from marketing to art. I write a fashion article for a local magazine and I love to read, cook, entertain and hang out. Right now, I’m on a strict schedule to just make sure everything gets done.

Tell us one thing everyone should know about you.
I love chocolate — especially peanut M&Ms.  

What music is currently on repeat in your playlist?
“Closer” by Tegan and Sara, and anything by the group, Fun.

 Where can we find more information about Honeygirl?
All of our shows are listed on our website ( and our Facebook Page (