Our acquisition and development strategies rely on more than 40 years of experience to identify market opportunities through both top-down and bottom-up sourcing approaches. Alliance has maintained the flexibility and financial discipline to capitalize on market conditions and valuation trends, and we are conservative in risk assessments. Our performance during the downturn demonstrated our commitment to being strategic, rather than defensive.

Development Strategy

Alliance communities are financially successful because they are the outcome of thoughtful market and product analysis, and offer quality construction and sustainable design that enhances surrounding neighborhoods.

Development Targets:

  • Previously-entitled land position or partially-constructed projects
  • Rezoning/downzoning from commercial for-sale uses to lower-density multifamily rental
  • “Build to core” projects in locations where long-term and solid fundamentals create higher-yielding investment returns compared to core purchases
  • Lower hard- and soft-cost construction projects that create favorable spread to Class A acquisition costs

Acquisition Strategy

Deal flow is a combination of local and national relationships, and our ability to capitalize on expertise across multiple company disciplines to evaluate the opportunities and risks associated with an investment.

Acquisition Targets:

  • Distressed assets (loan purchases, short sales, bankruptcy, foreclosures and REO)
  • Value-add assets:
    • Requiring significant physical renovation in submarkets where new entitlements for development are difficult or infeasible
    • Needing operational repositioning in core locations where rent levels are at a significantly lower price point than new assets
  • Core and core-plus assets for a variety of capital sources using modest leverage and a long-term hold strategy