Cigna salutes Alliance Residential, Scottsdale for commitment to employee wellness

Cigna has selected Alliance Residential Company and the city of Scottsdale as winners of its fourth annual Cigna Well-Being Award for demonstrating a strong commitment to improving the health and wellness of employees through workplace wellness programs.

“Cigna has been a leader in driving health improvement in the workplace, and we are fortunate to work alongside and recognize Alliance Residential Company and the city of Scottsdale, two employers that are passionate about investing in a culture of health,” said Ralph Holmes, Cigna market president, in a prepared statement.

In 2016, Alliance Residential Company officially introduced “aLIVE” an internal wellness movement to promote a variety of activities and initiatives, according to a press release.

The movement is based on physical, mental, financial, career, social and community wellbeing.

“Our new wellness program, aLIVE is about creating a culture that inspires the Alliance team to discover new approaches to wellbeing at work, at home and everywhere in-between,” said Sherida Colvin of Alliance Residential in the release.

“Through communication, education, activities and incentives, we are focused on improving productivity, morale, safety, community activism and healthcare-cost savings. We are happy to provide tools and resources for wellbeing that empower our associates to function to the best of their abilities.”

This is the third consecutive year Scottsdale has been selected for the award, the release states.

The City’s “Live Life Well” program is a comprehensive program that is based on health promotion, physical activity, safety, finance and well community. The city offers onsite and online classes for employees on wellness, stress management, employee assistance programs, physical fitness, nutrition, and tobacco cessation.

“We strive to offer efficient and purposeful programs to maximize results and allow our work force to manage their health proactively. By having an environment that evaluates wellness, we are producing a higher quality workforce, a culture of good health and sustainability and supporting the city’s mission of ‘Simply Better Service for a World Class Community,’” said Seth Dusek, a Scottsdale wellness coordinator.

“In 2016, we offered 200 onsite and online wellness classes and had a 40 percent increase in participation from the prior year. We are happy to be a resource for employees and help to maintain and improve their health.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), U.S. employers lose more than $225 billion each year in productivity due to employee health problems.

Applicants for the award are evaluated based on the core components of their wellness program, including the goals, implementation, incentives, leadership engagement and employee participation.

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