Alliance Q&A with Olivia Mojica

Tell us a bit about your singing. How long have you been performing? What got you started? Do you prefer one genre over another? 
I’ve been singing since the age of six in church and talent competitions.  My parents are the main reason I’m a vocalist because they got me started at such a young age.  I currently sing pop covers, but I really like singing jazz and blues, too.  I don’t really prefer one genre over the other.  I typically gravitate towards projects or genres that can provide the most reliable income.  Music that makes people dance is what I like singing best.

What’s your favorite thing about performing live?
My favorite thing about performing live is seeing people get into the music!  That’s probably the most rewarding thing about singing cover songs.  I love seeing people have fun.  Performing is all about transferring emotion.  I love feeling the energy from the audience.  I crave it!  It sustains me!  Also, singing feels good!  I sing three one-hour sets.  It involves a lot of vocal stamina.  When my voice is in good shape, the challenge really pumps me up.

What do you do when you’re not performing or working at 7Seventy?
I like to take my dog on walks in the park in my free time.  I love the outdoors and feeling at one with nature (hippie alert)!  The rest of my free time is spent running errands and trying to resist my online shopping urges!

Tell us one thing everyone should know about you.
I’ve never been asked this question before … my biggest pet peeve is when people don’t use their indicator light when changing lanes!  I get road rage sometimes because of that.  Otherwise I’m pretty happy-go-lucky!

What music is currently on repeat in your playlist?
I’m listening to a lot of blues lately because I’m trying to learn to play the electric guitar.  I really like Susan Tedeschi.  And Allison Krauss has the voice of an angel! Diana Krall is another favorite of mine.

Where can we find more information about your performances?
You can find my band schedule on our Facebook page.  Just search Swagger Austin TX.  “Like” the band so you’ll get notifications of when and where we’re playing!