Alliance Q&A with Brandon Corn

Tell us a bit about Water4Kids and the Walk4Water event?
Water4Kids International is an organization that drills deep water wells in remote villages of East Africa and Central India, restoring hope to families affected by extreme poverty and preventable diseases. Nearly half of the people living in Africa do not have access to clean water and spend hours each day walking to and from polluted ditches, open ponds and livestock water points. Dysentery, a disease caused by polluted water, is responsible for the deaths of 1.8 million people annually, including 5,000 children every day. Other water-related diseases that threaten these people are malaria, measles, cholera, typhoid fever and bilharzia — all of which could be prevented with access to clean, safe water. The wells are in communities close to primary schools, medical clinics and trading centers, providing access to as many people as possible.

What is the best part about being involved with this organization?
The best part of being involved with Water4Kids is that I am able to spread awareness of this problem and help create resources to provide a necessity to millions of people — water should not be taken for granted by some and seen as a luxury by others.

What got you involved?
It’s simple really … I found out about the organization while waiting in line for my iced coffee one day. I thought it was a great cause, so I did some research and decided to get friends involved. After realizing the impact of my small (but mighty) group’s efforts, I knew that if more people were aware …  well, just think of the potential impact!

Are there any other programs or charities you are involved with?
I have been involved with nonprofit organizations since I was old enough to volunteer. I have worked with organizations such as Southwest Behavioral Health, Humane Society of Arizona, UMOM New Day Centers and more. I think everyone should give to a cause that they believe in, in any way they are able— whether it is time, money, voice, etc.

How can someone get involved with Water4Kids or Walk4Water?
Feel free to reach out to me directly or go to to learn more.

How do balance your time between work, life and volunteer efforts?
Ha — that’s an ongoing chore for most everyone I think! I do my best to keep my time flexible, yet as productive as possible. I have a great support team professionally and personally.

 What else do you do for fun?
I enjoy spending my time with friends and family, and try to stay balanced. I practice yoga, I love to learn a bit about everything, I write a little (  and am always in search of a great new place to explore (usually dragging a somewhat reluctant counterpart along with me).

Anything else we should know?
This is your life. Be happy, and do good things.