Alliance point man thrives on creating apartment communities

Fresh Faces: Andrew Steffens

Alliance point man thrives on creating apartment communities

authors William Williams

Few out-of-town development companies are targeting Nashville with the same gusto as Alliance Residential Co.

It is Andrew Steffens’ task to keep that energy focused.Screen_Shot_2016_09_16_at_10.18.29_AM.57dc0f9ac061c

Steffens serves as the Nashville region development director for the Phoenix-based luxury apartment company, which recently finished Broadstone Germantown and is now working on Broadstone 8 South. In addition, Alliance wants to develop in The Gulch a 14-story apartment building called 8th + Division.

“I get a lot of enjoyment out of delivering a community people really like and want to be a part of,” says Steffens, who credits Alliance Managing Director Todd Oglesby and local developers Todd Jackovich (Stonehenge) and Jeff Haynes (Boyle) for their positive influence.

“There are a bunch of new apartment buildings in Nashville, so understanding how to take a building one more step to create a fun and enjoyable apartment community has been satisfying,” he adds.

An avid duck hunter, Steffens says his father —who worked in the construction and development industries — was a key role model.

“Being around the industry as a young boy, I was always intrigued by building things,” he says. “As I looked to pursue a career in development, the luxury apartment industry seemed like the perfect platform to exercise my finance background while also being able to be creative.”

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