Alliance Forms Partnership with ENERGY STAR

To further our sustainability efforts, Alliance is proud to announce our new strategic partnership with ENERGY STAR, an Environmental Protection Agency voluntary program that helps businesses and individuals save money and protect our climate through superior energy efficiency. This collaboration is part of our ongoing commitment as an organization to preserve the environment through the continuous improvements of our energy performance. We believe that a company-wide energy management approach will not only improve our financial health, but also aid in protecting the environment for future generations.

Alliance has made great strides in our energy management efforts thus far.  As an ENERGY STAR partner, we hope to push ourselves further by:

  • Continuing to measure and track energy use at our buildings by using the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager tool.
  • Developing a plan to improve energy performance and work towards reducing our energy consumption by 10 percent or more.
  • Continuing to make ultra-efficient upgrades and make energy optimization at our buildings a priority.
  • Spreading the word about energy efficiency to others. Collaboration is critical to our success!

Energy efficiency is a team effort. Small changes make a big impact; we can save energy and help protect the environment by working together. Associates – be on the lookout for training and other fun resources rolling out in 2015.  Thank you for your efforts to Focus Green!