Case Studies


Citizenship + Sustainability Report 2015

The Alliance Citizenship + Sustainability Report presents, for the first time, an in-depth look at all our efforts and progress to date. By sharing our collective accomplishments and goals, we hope to further unify our sustainability and citizenship efforts and inspire and drive continued performance. Click here to read the full report.

Unprecedented Demand Achieved by Catering to the Active Lifestyle of the Target Demographic

  • Broadstone Avion
  • 344 Units
  • Property Type: Garden/Low-Rise
  • Year Built: 2012
Located in Fort Worth, Alliance developed the 344-unit, garden-style Broadstone Avion in 2012. Inspired by those who want to be in the middle of it all, Broadstone Avion is a natural extension of the way our residents want to experience their world, and is built with features and amenities guaranteed to impress individuals who expect more. Open community spaces — including private poolside cabanas, an advanced athletic center and sophisticated clubhouse — are designed to encourage residents to get to know their neighbors, connect with friends and build relationships.

The Goal: Lease up and stabilize the property within 13 months of the initial delivery date.

The Work:  Generate leases through strategic marketing, to include... >>

10-Month Lease-Up Outshines Competitors 16-Month Lease-Ups

  • Broadstone Beach House
  • 228 Units
  • Property Type: Garden/Low-Rise
  • Year Built: 2009
Alliance developed this 228-unit luxury apartment development in 2009. Located 12 blocks from the beach, Broadstone Beach House features an architectural and interior design that is consistent with the style commonly found in North Florida coastal communities (referred to as “Florida Cracker”).

The Goal: Lease up and stabilize the community during a down economy.

The Work: Due to the convenient access to high-paying Jacksonville jobs — via Atlantic Boulevard, Beach Boulevard and J. Turner Butler Boulevard — the target market was established to include busy professionals. Strategic marketing initiatives focused on appealing to the target demographic by showcasing the community’s appealing location and luxury amenities that inspire relaxation, including screened sitting porches, a large... >>

Setting the Bar High for Average Rent — and Exceeding the Goal

  • Broadstone West 18th
  • 304 Units
  • Property Type: Mid-Rise
  • Year Built: 2006
Alliance developed Houston, Texas-based Broadstone West 18th in 2006. Located in the West Inner Loop, the apartment homes offer a “soft loft” design with an urban feel. Premiums are placed on open and efficient spaces, clean lines, natural decorative materials and high-quality finishes.

The Goal: Lease up and stabilize the property, with the ultimate intent of achieving the average proforma rent — which was projected at $1,227 per unit ($1.39 per square foot).

The Work: Broadstone West 18th began leasing in April 2007 and accepted its first occupants the following month. The response was impressive — more than 240 leases were signed in the first four months of lease-up, which averages out to more... >>