Welcome to aLIVE, the Alliance wellness movement. Rooted in five pillars of wellbeing, aLIVE is about a creating a culture that inspires our associates to discover new approaches to wellbeing at work, at home and everywhere in-between. We want you to be you — at your best.

 Program Pillars:

  • Live Well (Mind/Body Wellbeing): Commit to a healthy lifestyle to keep small issues from becoming life-changing events.
  • Live Responsibly (Financial Wellbeing): Keep tabs on your financial health just as you do with your physical health. Making sound financial decisions in the here and now helps ensure security and comfort down the road.
  • Live Focused (Career Wellbeing): Find your niche and grow within it — Alliance is here to support you with training, tools and resources for career advancement.
  • Live Together (Social Wellbeing): Surround yourself with people who have a similar outlook to build a strong network for support and encouragement that will help you achieve your goals.
  • Live to Give (Community Wellbeing): It pays to invest your time and energy in being a catalyst for change — take advantage of opportunities to give back through paid VTO (volunteer time off), national and local charitable drives, and more.

Our wellness initiatives foster this culture through communication, education, activities and incentives with the ultimate goals of improving productivity, morale, safety, community activism and healthcare cost savings.